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November 27th, 2014

Budget Law


  • The Budget Project deprives the provinces and municipalities of the constitutional right.

  • Though the Cuban missions continue to get generously paid for their work in election campaigns.

  • Maduro wants to turn into real Chavez´s hallucinations on his grand historic objectives for the revolution.

  • 200,000 million Bolivars were invested in the missions.

  • The budget brought before the Assembly to be discussed, has a whole chapter dedicated to praising Chavez.

  • Government and opposition discussing possible agreement.

  • The Council must be an impartial organism that has to guarantee clean elections.

  • The regime finances the campaigns with public fund.

  • Controlling the Elections Council is a priority for the chavismo. The mechanism to elect its members is complicated but, as always, the Supreme Tribunal takes hold and acts according to instructions received from the government.

  • The PSUV needs to carry out these elections with haste because they have serious internal problems.

  • President Maduro is planning to carry out effectively his plan of monopolizing the media.

  • The Venezuelan governments is frequently condemned for its systematic violation of the rights of its citizens.

  • The regime responds to the accusations of organizations dedicated to the defense of human rights, by stating that its priority is to preserve public order.  

  • Maduro achieved the complicity of the countries that receive oil on credit they never pay.

  • The policy of using oil as a strategic instrument may change in view of the price and decrease of oil production on the part of the CVP. 



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