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January 10th, 2015

The Trip to China


  • Some expectation in regard to Maduro´s trip to China.

  • Jimping intends to turn Latin America into a new partner that will give universal contour to the new empire.

  • CELAC facilitates to China all the advantages of its members.

  • The debt with China has never been diaphanous.  

  • Frictions exist between Venezuelan managers and Chinese technicians in regard to the development of cooperation programs.

  • Venezuela is in the midst of an unprecedented crisis and to put an end to it, the Catholic Church thinks that all countrymen must rally to achieve this.

  • Respect for its citizens has been lost, as well as the principles of legality, legitimacy and morality.

  • It´s necessary to put an end to the confrontation inspired by ideological fanaticism.

  • Dialogue and cohabitation are necessary to rebuild the democratic institutions.

  • Freedom for political prisoners would be a valued contribution to the country´s reconciliation.

  • Datanalisis´s most recent poll shows that Maduro´s popularity has fallen to a mere 22%.

  • Long lines at supermarkets and pharmacy chains.

  • Lines usually start to form on the wee hours of the morning.

  • Más de 6 horas en la cola aguardando para comprar papel higiénico.

  • Las personas que hacen cola son objeto de las peores vejaciones.

  • Frequently violence erupts among those waiting in line for hours.

  • Everywhere it´s the same, long lines at the doors of supermarkets due to shortage of food.



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