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July 11th, 2014

Maduro’s government


  • We are in need of a new government ready to dispose of this model before the country sinks.

  • The president, by allowing a ‘’self-defeat’’, has lost face before his followers and the country.

  • In the opinion of qualified Hispanic-American statesmen, Latin America requires profound changes.

  • Transition is inevitable in Venezuela.

  • Chavez’s legacy has become a fatal constraint.

  • The opposition has difficulty in perceiving what has happened in the last months.

  • Officialdom and opposition need to get up to date.

  • The popularity of the regime continues to plunge.

  • The social and economic crisis is worsening. Support for president Maduro is in free-fall.  

  • Giordiani´s letter caused a commotion within the chavismo sectors.

  • According to Alfredo Keller´s last poll, the chavismo has lost support.

  • The regime has lost the battle of opinion because most of the poorest sectors are against it.  

  • The government compelled to carry out a brutal economic adjustment.

  • The devaluations seriously affected the quality of life of all Venezuelans.

  • Maduro has to take unpopular measures.

  • The Episcopal Conference asks for a true dialogue with an agenda leading to tangible results.

  • The Church regrets that meetings between government and opposition froze without results.

  • Monsignor Padron sustains that the aggressive violence against students’ protests evidences the serious situation of human rights.

  • Message of Pope Francis on the commemoration of the 103 years of the signature of the Independence Act. His Holiness insists before the Venezuelan government that the dialogue be re-started between government and opposition.

  • Nuncio Giordano informed the Pope’s opinion to the Ambassadors of Peru, Brazil and Colombia. 



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