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April 30th, 2015

Obama at the Panamá Summit


  • Obama made known his support to withdrawing Cuba from the list of terrorism promoters. 

  • Cuba might achieve a greater integration to the international system. 

  • At the Summit in Panama, Obama met briefly with Maduro and demanded an explanation as to the situation of the political prisoners.

  • The European Union asked for respect to human rights from the Venezuelan government.

  • The Catholic Church has been vigilant as to respect for human rights.

  • Maduro, at his press conference, bashed the entrepreneurs.   

  • Jorge Roig, president of Fedecamaras affirmed that the government owes Ten Billion Dollars to the suppliers. .

  • The “economic war” Maduro is talking about has worsened the situation of the poorest sectors.

  • The overall system to access medications is a mystery. Laboratories and the pharmaceutical sector have not received any information as to how will it work

  • Shortage of drugs is one of the greatest problems created by the reduced amount of foreign currency supplied by the Central Bank.

  • It has become binding to do all we can to prevent the chavismo from liquidating the small amount of freedom we have left.

  • The last poll carried out by Datanalisis shows that favorable opinion of Maduro is down to 22% and the opposition has a favorable 60%.

  • Copei, the political party, plays a very important role in its firm defense of the citizen´s right to elect the members of the legislative power.

  • The international community has increased its interest in Venezuela



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