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October 11th, 2014

The Democratic Union


  • The educational crisis is the main issue among all of the national concerns.

  • The confrontation within social sector is the fundamental cause for the deterioration of education.


  • The citizens must get hold of the education issue and turn it into their flag.

  • The spokespersons must be the mothers and fathers of families that have suffered these problems.

  • The DU´s strategy is to turn into a solid majority.

  • The murder of Representative Robert Serra has turned into the biggest scandal in years.

  • The body presented several injuries caused by a sharp edge weapon, as well as one caused by a bullet.

  • Maduro praised the high citizen´s merits, that according

  • to him, Serra earned.

  • Venezuelans are asking questions that remain unanswered.

  • The minister of internal affairs told the president that the most worrisome fact was that Serra has more than One million US Dollars in cash at the house and that the murderers has taken  it.

  • Prices continue to be pressured by the perspective of a global economic slowdown.

  • It´s a manipulation in order to create economic problems to the main oil exporter countries.

  • The fall of the prices means an important decrease of the State’s income, some US$ 80 per barrel and besides this, there is an over production,

  • President Maduro resolved paying Exxon Mobil the amount decreed by the arbitration awarded by the CIADI.


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