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August 23th, 2014

The Economy


  • Citgo’s sale arouses doubts as to Venezuela’s and Pdvsa’a financial health.

  • It confirms that the country is suffering from high inflation, shortage and stagnation of production.

  • The tendency these last two years, has been to give priority to the needs of the government above those of Pdvsa.

  • The Banco Central could use gold to obtain credits at a low interest but in 2011 the government withdrew its gold bars from the Bank of London and transferred these to Caracas.

  • Promotion of unity is indispensable in view of the parliamentary election of next year.

  • The suspension of dialogue between government and opposition was due to the inability of the regime to satisfy the people´s claims.

  • The designation of new management to direct the opposition is necessary.

  • The students reappeared.

  • The Criminal Forum has verified that 2000 students detained in February are now under parole. 73 continue in prison.

  • Critics of the Democratic Union consider that an alliance is necessary to bring down the chavista system.

  • A fingerprint in exchange for food.

  • This is the last measure of the chavista regime to guarantee supply. It was recommended by Cuban advisors.

  • Gas smuggling is the source of scandalous enrichment for the military posted in this zone.

  • Shortage has afflicted the country for some time now and is greatly due to smuggling promoted by the military.

  • A hard campaign is being carried out in the frontier states to reinforce price control.



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