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April 11th, 2015

Obama´s document


  • Maduro intends to deliver ten million signatures to Obama. 

  • The Maduro effect at local lever is centered in three issues: hunger derived from economic recession, as well as shortage and inflation.

  • UN and OAS highest authorities have expressed their concern in regard to Venezuela´s situation.

  • Pope Francis sent a representative to the meeting of 35 Presidents and Chiefs of State, for the first time.

  • The greatest merit of the XII Summit of the Americas is that the US and Cuba will put an end to the cold war of the Caribbean.

  • The political repression carried out by the chavista regime has imprisoned some of the most prominent members of the opposition. In Panama, former Ibero.American president denounced “the lack of democratic guaranties” in Venezuela.

  • Claims of abuse of power, torture, and pressure as well as censure applied to the media.

  • The document of the former presidents demands the liberation of all political prisoners.

  • Two of the symbols of resistance to the chavista regime:

  • Lilian Tintori and Mitzy Capriles, wives of Leopoldo López and Antonio Ledezma were present.

  • Roberto León Parili, president of Anauco is of the opinion that the government is impeding free transit and violates the rule of legal equality.

  • 1500 supporters of the chavismo will be taken to Panama. Each one will receive an allowance of 80 Dollars and will be assigned 400 Dollars.

  • On Maduro´s return from Panama, the Anti-coup commando and Miraflores will schedule a series of events to welcome him.

  • Two events are scheduled, one to celebrate the militia´s anniversary and the other for the opening, in Caracas, of the Foro de San Paulo.



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