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July 26th, 2014

UNASUR – BRICS meeting


  • President Maduro traveled to Brazil to attend the UNASUR-BRICS Summit, an organization composed by Brazil, Russia, India, South Africa and China.

  • Xi Jinping affirmed that China was very pleased in having Venezuela as its main ally in Latin America. 

  • In the opposition´s opinion the Chinese fund is unconstitutional and illegal.

  • Brazil satisfied with the new friendship bonds with China. China loans Argentina 30,000 million Dollars.

  • President Xi Jinping’s trip ended in Cuba. 

  • General Carvajal rendered services in the intelligence area during all of Chavez´s mandate.

  • The surprising appointment of General Carvajal to the Venezuelan Consulate in Aruba was due to Diosdado Cabello.

  • The Government of Aruba never granted him the placet due to claims against him.

  • The Vice Minister of European Relations said in Aruba that Venezuela was awaiting for the revocation of Carvajal´s illegal detention.

  • The crimes attributed to Carvajal are cooperation with the FARC and Drug-Trafficking and he is being requested by the US since 2008.

  • The officer had four cell phones and three passports in his possession.

  • The Attorney General said that Carvajal had no immunity since he is not the General Consul.

  • After a long an unjustified delay to reinitiate his trial, Leopoldo Lopez was transferred to court from the military prison of Ramo Verde.

  • Lopez´s wife has denounced that he is being kept in isolation.

  • Attorney General, Ortega Diaz, affirmed that Lopez was not in isolation. She acknowledged that his correspondence is not private, that everything he receives and sends is reviewed and that some letters have been confiscated.

  • In regard to Maria Corina Machado, the Attorney General, Luisa Ortega, requested and obtained an exit ban from the country.

  • President Maduro declared that all Machado’s rights were respected.



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