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March 29th, 2014

Unasur’s Conference


  • Some of the demands by the opposition to initiate conversations, as that of the political prisoners as well as no previous conditions for it will be part of dialogue. The Chancellor of Colombia had a leading role.

  • Internationalist Felix Arellano declared that the international mediation in Venezuela does not seem viable at the moment since the radical sectors of the government impede the possibility of a mediation.

  • A good option is the possibility that the Vatican’s Secretary of State be the mediator. The Unasur Mission will have an extremely high difficulty in understanding the reasons for Venezuela’s crisis.

  • Leopoldo Lopez is a controversial figure, leader of a party arising from the fight against chavismo.

  • He acquired fame and prestige as Mayor of Chacao and turned into the ideal candidate for Mayor of Caracas and eventually presidential candidate against Chavez.

  • He became the victim of a spurious trial, incarcerated and deprived for life of conducting public affairs.

  • Lopez proved that such accusations of promoting the disturbances occurred during the protest of February 12 were false.

  • Lopez is imprisoned at the Ramo Verde prison and kept in confinement. El Universal was able to get an interview that caused quite a stir.

  • Maria Corina Machado declared that the protest against Maduro is irreversible. She was attested as alternate representative of Panama so she could speak before the OAS at the session of its permanent council and state the reasons for the protests.

  • The Venezuelan Ambassador in complicity with Insulza prevented her from speaking out.

  • The president of the Assembly is the one that is promoting depriving her of her parliamentary immunity.

  • Gustavo Tarre is of the opinion that Cabello´s announcement on Machado´s destitution has no legal grounds.

  • Cabello´s aspiration violates articles 191 and 149 of the Constitution.  



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