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February 21th, 2015

Ledezma´s arrest


  • Ledezma´s arrest has generated a national and international protest. The UN condemned it.

  • The White House has expressed concern regarding the escalation of intimidation against the Venezuelan opposition.

  • The European Parliament intends to study the crisis in Venezuela.

  • Numerous government and Latin American politicians, as presidents from Costa Rica and El Salvador made known their disagreement regarding the arrest of the Caracas Mayor.

  • Pablo Iglesias y Ramon Monedero were Chavez´s advisers.

  • Maduro is financing Pablo Iglesias campaign and Podemos has started to be seen as a winner.

  • The Venezuelan Chancellor demanded from the Spanish government to put pressure on El Pais, ABS and El Mundo to cease their criticisms regarding the Venezuelan Government.

  • Enormous scandal at the Spanish Parliament.

  • Ledezma´s supporters, the leaders of Unity and Maria Corina Machado convoked to a concentration express their support to the Mayor.

  • His interview with CNN was heard by 40 million people and 90% agreed with that he had said.

  • The regime seems to be conscious it seems to have outside the country. 

  • Maduro is being left alone since nor Evo Morales, nor Daniel Ortega have given him any sort of support.

  • Two years after Chavez´s death, Maduro only role left is burying Socialism of the XXI century.



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